Hi, my name is Umar, and I am a mindset coach. I help leaders break through their limitations so they build happier more successful lives.

My Clients Tell Me They:

  • Wake Up Every Morning Ready To Embrace The Day
  • Feel fearless so they can do anything they want
  • Make Audacious goals and attain them
  • Feel comfortable in their own skin

Research Proves That Happiness Has A Big Impact On Your Life

  • Happier people earn 150% more money
  • Happier people are 31% more productive
  • Happier people lower blood pressure
  • Happier people live 10 years longer
  • Happier people have 23% less stress
  • Happier people are 150% less likely to be sick

Ready To Build A Happier More Successful Life?

Our program works exceptionally well because we blend cutting-edge science with ancient practices to show you how to become happier and more successful person that loves life.

On the science side, you'll learn how to use Applied Neuroscience and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to eliminate anxiety, supercharge your happiness, and build a happiness mindset.

On the ancient practices side, you'll learn how to align your mind, body, and spirit so you can experience a deeper level of happiness and wellbeing.

Here Are Three Ways We Can Help You Build A Kick-Ass Amazing Life


On this 1-on-1 experience, you will learn how to remove the mental blocks that have been holding you back. And tap into the incredible power of your mindset to build a happier, more successful life. more


In this 60 day program, you'll learn powerful techniques from NLP and Applied Neuroscience to supercharge your mindset. Your happiness will increase each week, transforming every area of your life. more


Umar has done presentations in 16 countries. His presentations are highly entertaining and packed with new insights that get the audience members to see how they can unleash their full potential. more

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