November 23

5 Ways to Overcome an Anxiety Attack


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When an anxiety attack hits, it feels like you're dying. It's hard to breathe. Your heart rate is all over the place, you're sweating, the whole world seems to be shrinking around you and sometimes that attack can last for minutes or hours or days depending on you know, what that experience is like for you, right? The question is, how can you overcome anxiety in a way that you get your life back? There you go, more happiness, more joy, you look forward to building the life that you truly deserve. In a moment, I'm going to share with you five ways to do just that.

Hi, everyone. My name is Umar Hameed and I'm an expert at changing human behavior. My whole reason for being is to figure out, how to get people to break through the barriers so they experience more happiness, more joy, better performance, build the lives that they want. So here are five ways that you can overcome anxiety.

Number one is being mindful, you can go in for classes for mindfulness and meditation and try and control your body and your mind in a way that you reduce those anxiety attacks. And that does work, but sometimes taken takes an awfully long time to get to that level, we can transcend all the anxiety.

The second way is to go see a therapist and therapists are gonna help you, right? But the only problem is I talked to a lot of people that are going to therapist for their anxiety and they seem to be going for a very, very long, long time, right? So the question is, you know, when do you get over that threshold and get your life back.

The third way is to go to a psychiatrist. And what they're going to do is say, Ah, it's a brain chemistry thing and you need these pills to help you get through this and sure enough, those pills work but the only problem is, you know, without the pills with anxiety, you're down here with the pills you kind of get to this functioning place which is nice and can be a lifesaver but is not accessing those places with this joy, this happiness, this laughter. We can look forward to, you know, building a brave new world, right?

Number four is setting up an early warning system. So when, for most people, you know, they're okay, they got an anxiety attack and their whole world shuts down, but before the anxiety attack comes, sometimes they use hypnosis to get people to look back at all those events and slow down time. And when we do that, what it does is go, "Oh before the attack, I notice, now that I'm into hypnosis, that my pulse rate quickens up," or, "I start getting sweaty by my neck," or, "My breathing changes in this way." And then we say, "Okay," then we go to another time they had an anxiety attack, and we slow down time again. And sure enough, that same symptom is there and we train people to look for that symptom. So soon as they feel that was a sweating on the back of their neck, they know that, "In five minutes, I'm gonna get an anxiety attack," and what they can do is changed it physiology immediately.

See what happens is this is that our thoughts, our feelings, and our physiological response are all interlinked. Doesn't matter which one happens first, the other two follow really quickly. For example, if somebody had this really horrible thought about losing a loved one, immediately that would change the way they feel, right? their grief would come in, as soon as they feel that grief and they've got those, those notice floods, they're all body kind of caves in so everything kind of cascades on itself and it spirals you down.

But what if you had an early warning symptom of a panic attack coming in, and you change your body posture, one of happiness or joy or unstoppable ability, or you decided to sing a song or dance or do something entirely silly, it would send you down a different feeling path, right? And what you do is you circumvent that anxiety from coming in and you send your mind your body, your spirit to another direction, which is more useful for you

And the fifth is using a branch of psychology called neuro linguistic programming. And this is the most powerful technology for change in existence and what it does. What it does is it uncovers what's the underlying cause that's causing the anxiety in the first place. And if you figure out Oh, even though you may have forgotten this childhood experience when you were lost in the shopping mall when you were three, created this belief around, let's say you're not good enough, or you'll always be lost, or strangers are out to get you whatever meaning you made out of that event, is causing the anxiety to happen. Now when we go in and we transform that experience and create a new belief and empowering belief. And then the anxiety attacks reduce drastically or just simply stop. It isn't that a beautiful thing?

So that's the five ways you can get your life back and this speaks to you, click on the button below. The link below to set up a 15-minute phone conversation with me and let's chat about what's going on for you and see how we can help you get your life back so anxiety becomes a thing of the past, and your future and present looks like happiness. Because my whole reason for being is to help people break through their barriers so they become better, stronger, faster, click on the link below and let's get you your life back.


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