November 24

7 Signs You Should Get Off Your Butt and Take Action


[Video Transcription]

This was the journey that we took.

We took the journey of saying, okay, number one, I want you to monitor your level of happiness every single day, figure out where you are, it lets you know what you need to do to be happier. Number two, monitor your negative stress, because if you're monitoring it, you can catch it before it gives you an altering and kills you.

Disappointment, monitor your level of disappointment. Giving up, do you give up too easily? Why is that happening? Keep an eye on that! Hope, do you use hope? Do you use hope as a weight that keeps you down that stops you from executing, executing. Hope can be eternal can be a positive thing, but you can also use it for the negative, right? Anger, anger is the energy to take action, and then finally, being furious allows you to snap out of it.

So this is the journey that we've been taking, and what I want to share with you is one of the tools that I use is NLP, right? NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and it teaches you how to take charge your mindset. NLP comes from studying gazillions of people and figuring out what they're doing at an unconscious level in their mind to get phenomenal results, as in feeling unstoppable, or amazing results like basically, second guessing themselves. If we knew how the world's best person did that, we could figure out, "Oh, this is how people do it!" And we could teach you, "Don't do it that way!"

So NLP basically is understanding how the human mind works, and this is an example, so if you take a look at this diagram of the circuit board, at the base level is where the hardware is, this is like your brain, right? The hardware, you've got like brain cells and all that stuff happening into the green, the gray matter. Down on top of that is a BIOS in a computer, and that's the basic input output system that allows the computer chip to connect with a memory to connect with the hard drive to connect with a monitor, the mouse, the internet, all that kind of stuff. And for us, the BIOS is a sensory system, what we see what we hear what we touch, what we taste what we smell, and the sixth sense, which I'm sending out right now. Are you sensing it? Maybe, right? So then on top of that we have application. So in a computer, it would be a browser, or it could be a word processor, or it could be a PowerPoint presentation, but for us humans, this language, it's intellect, its strategy.

So what NLP does is it allows you to go down on a deeper level and create change. So let me give you an example of that, I was working with this gentleman, this young man, his name's Ethan. He plays Lacrosse, and Ethan said, you know, when an attacker comes across the field, and he's bigger than me, I'm kind of a small guy, all of a sudden, I, I step on the brakes, I pull back I don't engage because I'm afraid. So we figured out what part of the psyche was causing the fear. We change the fear, and when Ethan reported back he says, "Hey, number one, I'm fearless now!" And the other day, the first time ever, the coach told the rest of the players at halftime, "You need to play more like Ethan he's giving it everything he's got!" That's what NLP does. It takes you from fear into awesomeness!


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