November 23

7 Ways to Be More Successful in Life


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Thank God, there's no more push ups. Nice. Good morning, everyone. We're almost here in January. So I thought what would be appropriate is the seven keys to being AWESOMER!

So the first one was inspired by kind of that thought that you've probably heard this, that, you know, we are made in the image of God, but when you look around, it's like tall people, short people, fat people, lovely people, some IQ people. And it's like, well, that doesn't make sense. But one thing God does, and it was a quote from Pablo Picasso, which I'm going to paraphrase is like, "God's an Artist", He made the giraffe, He made the elephant, He made the worm, He has no style that He sticks to, but He just makes a ton of shit. And maybe that's how we're like God, the ability to create.

So the first step to becoming fricking awesomer is to realize your creativity, creates new worlds creates new realities. This was 2020, you get to envision what you want to build in 2021. And nobody's stopping you from building the life that you want in your business, in your personal life, in your relationship with you. So step one to being awesomer is creativity.

Step two is perseverance. Is to keep on going, and you can't keep on going unless you get an amazing kick-ass thing you want to build. So that creativity is number one, create something amazing for yourself, that gives you the ability to persevere and keep going. And the difference between winners and losers, is losers stop and winners keep on going.

Number three is passion. If you're going to build create something, create something that's going to feed your soul that's going to get you riled up to say "You know what, that's worth fighting for". And that gives you the perseverance and passion is the energy that keeps that going.

Step four, is flexibility. To be flexible, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening right now, with your customers, with your clients with yourself. Because oftentimes, we just kind of go and it's like, what the hell is going on? It's not working? Well, it's a surprise, it shouldn't be a surprise, you should be putting your finger on the pulse every day on how you feel? what's your passion? what's your drive? what's your motivation? how did this transaction do? how did that do? And as you do that, it's just being good business people being good human beings. But... soon as you feel something not going right, you can be flexible to change.

Number five is mistakes are going to happen, and we need to plan for those mistakes. But more importantly, we need to plan of how we're going to respond to those mistakes. Because once we plan for it's like "Oh, that could have happened, I'm prepared for it". But if we have the ability to go, when a mistake happens, the first thing I'm going to do is STOP! Take a deep breath, re-access creativity, and take a look.

And the next step, which I think is probably one of the most important is step six, which is you need to be at your master's feet. We all need a mentor, if you don't have a mentor, go find one. Because there's people out there that are frickin' awesome that are just waiting for someone to come and say, "I want to be your protege". And they're going "Oh really, well okay then!" People want to give back I was watching this program, it was in Silicon Valley, it was these incredibly four incredibly powerful women that have built these amazing businesses. And the host said, You know what, how did you guys compete against the old boys club? And they kind of go well, there isn't really one over here. But there is a woman's club. If a young female executive reaches out to me, and wants guidance, I'll take time out of my busy day to make sure she gets what she needs. So go find a mentor, because when you hit those places where you're not dreaming big enough to going to help you, when you hit those areas we have a mistake happens or a mishap, all it takes is one phone call to that person, and they're going to help you solve it. All it takes is once you know them is the ability to go, what would Michael do? And you'll get an answer. Don't do that! but you'll get an answer.

And number seven, the last one I was doing I took a landmark training. And one of the things Iike Umar you're not in touch with reality, you need to talk to your friends and ask them you know, where do you need to improve? And what's an attribute you have that's really important to them. And when I was talking to my friend Kelly, he said, stay away from jokes, probably a good advice. But the thing he said the attribute that he really liked was, he says you're kind. And he said, you're smart, you're good looking, you're amazing, you're motivated, all of that would have been nice to hear. But when he said kind, I never thought of myself as kind. But it touched me right here. And the seven thing to be awesomer is to be kind, kind to the people that you interact with. kind to yourself.

So these are the seven keys to become frickin' awesomer because we started off with you know, God's an Artists, God put us here to succeed and hopefully in some small way, these seven things help you live up to that. Thank you very much.


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