November 18

A Life Worth Living


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So it's my mission, by the way. Hi, my name is Umar Hameed and my mission in life is to help people take charge of their mindset.

What I've discovered is this, is that we think this is such a complicated thing, and it is right? unless you figure it out. When you figure it out, everything comes down to a simple, elegant way of using it. So there is complexity, but there is simplicity on the other side of it. And that's what I want to share with the world. That's my mission is to teach you how to take charge of your mindset. So you can figure out what are the beliefs that allow you to do amazing things, I'm one of those beliefs that hold you hostage hold you prisoner, hold you captive to a complacent life.

So this is what I've learned after working with 1000s of clients have spoken at conferences in 14 countries, oftentimes invited back because people can't get enough of figuring out how to take charge of their mindset. This is what I've discovered. That what defines who we are, as human beings, our beliefs, we have anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 of them, that define who we are, the only problem is most of those beliefs we got when we were really young, and in an unconscious way, and they're not before us, they're below our awareness.

And when we go to do something, they come up, and they call us back into, it's like, you've heard that metaphor, right? All these crabs in a bucket and one tries to escape, the other one's got to grab him back, bring him back down. That's what we do. We go, "Oh, my God, what I really want to do is I want to be on American Idol and sing," be thankful I'm not singing a horrible voice. But we have this goal that we want, and we go to achieve it. And then all of a sudden, our inner voice, that negative voice brings in doubt, those beliefs of, "Oh, they won't want to listen to me or the bank won't give me the loan," or whatever BS we tell ourselves. So those beliefs define who we are.

From those beliefs, we get a model of the world how we think the world works. We all know people in our lives that could be doing so much better, we can clearly see that, "Oh, my God, Jane, could be a rock star, John could be a singer, Stan could write a book," but they can't see it, they don't believe it because their beliefs have created this model of the world with that is not a possibility. When you tell them to go do it, they go either, "Ah, I couldn't do that," or, "Okay." But when they go to do it, did you hear that voice, "Okay." They will say stuff like that, because they don't believe it. From our model of the world, we create our behaviors and our behaviors, we can see, right? "I went to do this sales call, and I didn't go through the door, I went this way instead," ar there was this amazingly gorgeous person right there, all I had to do was go say, "Hi." And instead I went and said, "Hi," or I didn't say anything at all, I just went to the bathroom instead, pretended he wasn't going to go talk to them.

So the behaviors we can see, and our behaviors give us our results. And our results we can clearly see, right? you know what you're earning right now. You know, the kind of relationship you have with the people that you love. You know what you truly deeply feel like when you're in certain situations where you might pretend to be, "Everything is amazing," but deep down is like, it's not amazing. I remember seeing this commercial is this really handsome guy in front of his house mowing his lawn, and you can hear his inner thoughts, "None of my neighbors know I'm dying in debt, I can't afford this house," but outside he's smiling.

So the question is, "Okay, Umar. We get all of that, because that kind of makes sense. That we're not getting the results we want and we want to change our behaviors," but the question is, do we change those behaviors? The answer is no, we often try and the reason is, why don't we change those behaviors? Here's why. Underneath every behavior that counts is a belief in our unconscious that controls it. This is like a black hole of gravity that logs that behavior in place so no matter how hard we try, we can't change it. And sometimes, sometimes we do but if we don't address the underlying belief that behavior after a day, a week, a month, it goes back to the old way.

So in order for you to reach your full potential, you need to understand the following things Number one, how to take charge your mindset. So you can identify those limiting beliefs, and really quickly, in 20 minutes, 30 minutes, change those beliefs. So instead of stopping you, they empower you to move forward. You need to learn how to be fully present in your body. You need to learn how to be comfortable in your body. You need to learn how to unleash the power within you. You need to figure out how to get the anxiety and make that go away. You need to figure out how to dream big dreams that are worthy of you. You need to figure out what's your purpose you need to figure out, how to start moving from board in that way, with all those things, when you do that, you have mentioned, you have certainty, you have joy, you have been on that journey. The Maker put you here on planet Earth, to be successful, to be happy. Sometimes we just plan to give up. Sometimes we settle for a smaller life. Sometimes we settle for relationships that don't serve us. Sometimes the relationship we have with ourselves is toxic.

I invite you to reach out, reach out and learn how to take charge your mindset. Reach out so you learn how to get the body you want. We have power, passion, energy to build the life that you want. And finally reach out to connect with God in a more profound way. Actually, if you reach out and share something really amazing with you, sometimes you get people that are you know, very devout and religious coming in and said, "Do you go to temple or church or the mosque?" "Yeah."

The next time you go, I want you to use this technique where you connect with the power of your humanity, and notice how it changes that experience in temple, at church, at the mosque. When they come back they go, 'Wow, my mind became still, I connected with my heart to the divine in the most powerful way that I've ever done." And that's just one of the things we share with you is how to become a fully realized human being. And thank you for watching this video. And I want you to know that you deserve to have happiness, to have love and to live as your highest potential. Thank you.


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