November 18

A Powerful Way To Take Charge of Your Happiness


[Video Transcription]

Good morning world. I'm here in Brampton, Ontario out for my morning walk. It's a little chilly. What a shocker! It being cold in Canada but anyway, what I wanted to share with you today is this. Do you know you have immense power, that you could do anything that you wanted? Like, for example, today, you could do something to make one of your loved ones feel loved, right? I came across this quote that like blows my mind, "The love that I give you a second hand," because I got to feel it first.

So today, your challenge is this. figure out who's that one person that you love? You probably love like a gazillion people. But who's that one person today? That you want them to feel loved? Just think about that? Who would that person be? Would it be the obvious ones? The ones closest or romantically involved with you? Or would that be someone that you care about that hasn't heard from you in a while. And when you get that person in mind, think about what's a simple thing you could do for them, like buy them a Tesla or whatever. Send them a simple note, or just pick up the phone and say, "Hi." What's the one thing you could do for them that would make them smile? That would make them happier? That would make them feel loved? And by doing that, you get to feel love to? I mean, think about that. The most generous thing that you could do is to be selfish when it comes to love, right? So that's your challenge.

If you feel brave enough in the comments say, "Umar, I'm gonna reach out to my cousin Billy," or I'm gonna leave a note for my significant other that she's enough fine when she opens a briefcase today, whatever that thing is. Sure who you're going to make happier today, and have a blessed day. Who will I, who will I try and make feel love today, it could be you.


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