November 25

An Elegant Way to Turn Anger into Action


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Next on our list is being FURIOUS.

This is when you have so much anger, this one, you have so much anger that you can stand in anymore, it's like, "I am so mad!" Shakespeare put it past, "To be furious is to be frightened out of fear." So fear is a powerful, powerful energy, right? This is when you're at your physical best.

When you are afraid, you've heard stories of moms, that kids trapped underneath the car, they go over and they lift up the car and they save their kid. Because when you are angry, when you're in a fight of flight response, your reaction times are like Superman fast, your strength is Superman strong, your ability to focus on what's most important, is heightened, you're at your very best physical self.

But sometimes with anger, we get stuck, trapped in the anger, but when you get furious is one of those things, if you forget to ask the question, "What can I do right now to change the situation?" If you let the anger amp up and you get furious, all of a sudden it snaps you out of the spell of anger. And all of a sudden you get furious and you take action. Don't wait till you get furious, as soon as you feel the anger train yourself for the anger.

So I want you to think of a particular time in your life when you felt angry, at maybe a spouse or one of your kids or at yourself, go back to one of those specific memories and see what you saw back then, hear what you heard back then when you do those two things, what it allows you to do is this, it allows you to notice where in your body you feel that anger.

And when you notice...let me think about a time I was angry, Oh yeah! When I heard these people that I knew that their dog was barking, they wanted to stop it barking, so they had his vocal cords cut, and that just pissed me off. And when I think about that event, I feel it right here my throat area, this burning sensation which is anger.

And so I've trained myself, this is where I feel it, so now that I know if I feel that I know anger is coming up and then go, "Hey, what's making me angry? How can I use that energy of anger to change the situation? What's the smallest thing I can do right now, that would allow me to move forward in a better direction.


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