November 24

Anxiety to Confidence


[Video Transcription]

Just when you're ready to do something amazing anxiety comes up and stops you dead in your tracks, frustrating, right? You know, you can do this, but something inside is stopping you. What if you could let that go in literally two minutes. Let me show you a simple process from the world of NLP, that's gonna change your life.

Hi, my name is Umar Hameed and I'm an expert at changing human behavior. And I'm going to show you a simple technique. So you're about to do something and all of a sudden anxiety comes up.

Step one, notice you got the anxiety, you're wearing your body, you feel it. And then I want you to think of a particular time when you felt incredibly powerful and competent. For me that time is when I play squash. I was playing with my friend William Sullivan about a month ago, and I felt unstoppable. I knew I was going to kick his ass. So then you go to that moment in time, in your mind's eye, you see what you saw back then, when you felt really confident, you hear what you heard back, then, when you felt really confident inner thoughts, whatever was going on. With those two things, you start feeling that feeling of confidence in your body.

Notice when you feel it, then imagine you have a volume knob and you start cranking up that feelings, it gets stronger and stronger. And for me, right now, it's just going all throughout my body, crank it up even more. So super intense, so wanna super intense, and you feel that confidence, I want you to let it drain out of your body all the way down through your legs into the floor right there. And then leave it there for a moment and step back into anxiety. Now you're about to do this thing, you feel that anxiety again, I feel it right here.

And what I want you to do is let that feeling anxiety go down through your legs, through your body into the floor. Then step into what you let confidence and soon, and soon as you step in, confidence comes flooding back into your body. When you feel that confidence that I want you to see yourself completing that task. And just take one more step into the future and go make it happen. That's the process. If you want to let go of anxiety, follow this process whenever and wherever you needed.

If you found this technique to be useful for you. Number one, let me know in the comments below and two, share this with other people so you can make the world and anxiety-free place so people get to do what they want, and they become better, stronger, faster.

Once again, my name is Umar Hameed if you want to find videos like this, go to my Mindset Boosters Facebook group, or you can go to YouTube and find videos like this. Thanks so much for tuning in.


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