November 18

Become Fearless


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Good morning, everyone. There are people that walk among us that look normal, look happy. But they're not because some childhood experience happened that still haunts them today. So this is a few years ago, I was working with this, she would have been like 12 years old. She was having anxiety around school. So as I started working with her, I said, "Okay, let's get her to a place where she feels safe." So I said, "Tell me about a time, you know, you felt safe," and she goes, "I never feel safe." You know, "Really, when did this start?"

So years ago, when she was five years old, she was in her bedroom. And a man escaped from police custody. He was on the run, they were chasing him, he climbed up on the garage, which was right before her bedroom window. So it was like right there, and the cops had him surrounded. And ever since then, she's not felt safe ever. And I'm sure she was traumatized. And visibly when that happened and her parents was there, but they didn't realize that this event was still haunting her that there wasn't a moment that she felt safe. So I was able to figure out what had happened, we changed the belief around it. And for her, it was like, [breathe] that you could finally feel safe in our home with a parents in our bedroom again.

So it's my mission to help people become happier to help the world to be happier, like truly happy, not one of those things where we're like faking it, or not realizing why there's unease and anxiety underneath. So what we need to do as human beings is this, we need to figure out fundamental things like identifying the things that drive our behavior, identify the things in our unconscious, that create the life that we have right now. If I could teach that, to people, how to identify those things, how to transform them, we would allow people to show up in life more powerfully, we would allow people to dream bigger dreams, we would allow people to build truly happier lives.

So you've got something that's holding you back, that you go, "Umar, how do I figure that out?" How you figure it out is this it's not about what you think, although that's important, it's about what your body experiences, when you go to do something that is important to you. And when you go to do it, if an uneasy feeling an uncomfortable feeling comes up in your body, that is where the truth lies. If you listen to your head, you go to do something important. And all of a sudden you go well, if I had more education, I do this sounds reasonable, right?

Because we rationalize those things. And just remember, we do not use language accidentally, when we rationalize, we tell ourselves rational lies that makes it seem perfectly normal. Soon as I figure out how to get more education or I'm taller or sexier or smarter or whatever, I'll be able to do this. Don't get caught up in that trap, what you need to do is pay attention to your body. When you go to do something when that uncomfortable feeling comes up. That my friends include to what's really [garbled] Have a blessed day and if you liked this video, please share it with other people and come to where you found this video was more videos coming your way.


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