November 24

Break Through Your Limitations with These Mindmaps


[Video Transcription]

Hey, everyone, this is pretty cool. So what I got happening here is this, I've got my iPad over there recording. So you can look at pretty me, "Tadaa," and then over here, you can't see it but there's an iPhone on a tripod, looking down at a piece of paper where I'm going to do a mind map, so we can actually sync these videos up, let me get this paper kind of linked in. And over here, we got a mic with a laptop to record my voice, so it's speech deep and I sound like a vampire [vampire laugh]

But before we start, so when I flew over from Toronto to Greece, I was thinking, you know, "Hey, what I want to do is, I want to change my life, right?" And in order to do that, what I need to do is to figure out what's going on and what's stopping me, so I created these mind maps. And I promised a month ago to share these with you and I've been negligent doing that, right? So here we go is tomorrow flying how to Greece to Portugal, so I figured, "Umar, you are so bad, you must get this done."

So in video one, I'm going to show you how to do a mind map. And you probably already know how to do this, it's going to be a refresher, here's what it looks like. So to do a mind map, what you need to do is you need to put a central idea in the middle of this mind map. So let's say I put the central idea of happiness. And as I put the central idea of happiness there, I can think well, what makes you happy. And so I put a branch when I have fun. I put another branch when I'm happy when I connect with people. I am happy when I'm doing sports. I'm happy when I'm learning stuff. That's as simple as it is doing a mind map.

The reason I like doing a mind map is this is that you don't have to put the thoughts in order of importance. And oftentimes people get caught up in what what's the most important thing and what would be the next and you get caught up in the logic of it. And what mind mapping allows you to do is just dump the stuff on there and once you've dumped it on so I've got happiness as my central theme. And I said fun, sports, people, learning and if I asked myself what's missing, fun, sports, people, learning, smiling, it's laughing. It's being at peace. So just by asking that question, I get answers there.

So this is how you do mind mapping and in the next four videos, I'm going to share really important mind maps with you that help you define your life. That'd be on the next video. Enjoy!


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