November 17

Build A Happier More Successful Life Part 1 of 5


[Video Transcription]

What is life all about?

It could be many things, right? But I think what life is truly about is happiness. Because what's happiness, for me might not be happiness for you. But one thing I can tell you with certainty is, if you're not happy, you're not living the life in the fullest way, and the most joyful way. And if you're gonna go through life, and you don't have joy and happiness, then what's the point, right?

In our society, we get trained to, you know, you must accomplish, you must be someone. But what's the point of killing yourself to build something that doesn't result in happiness. And what we tell ourselves though, why we tell ourselves is this, "When I get to this level, I'm going to be happy. When I find the right most gorgeous Mate, I'm going to be happy. When I have the car that I want, I'll be happy. When I have the house that I want, I'll be happy. When I have the respect of my community, I'll be happy. When I build this company to be Fantasmic, I will be happy."

And the answer is the reality is, when you get there, you will not be happy, because you'll get there and you will rejoice like, 'Oh my God, I've arrived." [Taa daa]. But after a minute, after a day, after a week, after a month, you're going to go settle there is, I thought it would be more. Well, it turns out last year, the University of Chicago did a survey on happiness. And we in America have the lowest level of happiness we've ever had. It's at 19% of people that are truly happy.

So in this video series, we're going to be talking about you know, how you can build a happier, more successful life. And this was the first installment to frame it up. Because you may not I may not be able to define happiness. as powerfully as I can define unhappiness. I heard this quote, I'm not sure who said it, it went something like this, "Happiness is not knowing what you want, and killing yourself to get it." And you know, people that are on the, on the treadmill in the rat race, "Better car, better spouse, better house better," whatever.

What if we could unravel that you could figure out what would make you truly happy. And once you figure that out, you can figure out what your purpose is when you figure out your purpose. And you can figure out who you truly deeply are. And you figure out those things because they say, "Okay, what can I build that would make me truly happy or happier?" That's along the path of my purpose, it will change your life. Because even on that journey, if you don't have everything that you want, right up front, just being on that journey, being on that path, will make you smile will make you more attractive to other people, people will go, "Oh my God, I want to have a coffee with you." And you start impacting people around you.

And as you do that, you get more enthusiasm, more motivation, more certainty that you can make this happen, but the first step is defining what we want. And that's what we're gonna do in this video series, figuring out what blocks us from achieving what we want, figuring out what we truly, deeply want. And then how to supercharge your mindset, your heart, your gut, your strength so you go make it happen.

My name is Umar Hameed and I'm privileged to be sharing this information with you. And see you on the next episode. Bye for now.


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