November 17

Build A Happier More Successful Life Part 2 of 5


[Video Transcription]

Hey everyone, this is Umar, and welcome to episode two of this video series. Today we're going to talk about complacency, complacency, right? You can have a good life. If you have a good life and you're complacent, what happens is you get used to your circumstances, you have a nice house, you have a nice family. But the Maker did not put you here on planet Earth, to tread water, the Maker put you here to step up and be the person you were always meant to be.

Person has more power, more certainty, more passion, would you like to go through life with more passion that you're excited every single day to be doing the things you want to be doing, building the things you want to build, because when you do that you become an inspiration to everyone around you. But the opposite is true as well, right? When you live a complacent life, you're well within your comfort zone. And what happens is, the comfort zone is either expanding or shrinking. And if you ain't pushing against it, it is getting smaller and smaller, and pretty soon you're like constricted in this life.

And you look at the level of happiness. You remember, in video one I told you 19% of Americans, you know, are truly happy. And there's a bunch of people that are really unhappy, but there's a middle where people are just being complacent. And want you to know that you're not going to get happier as you go, get older, unless you're pushing up against your comfort zone. And what you need to be doing is, is punching it kicking it, fighting it to expand and going beyond the comfort zone because I tell you one thing that when you get near the comfort zone fear comes up.

And that complacency is like a warm blanket, that's a no stay here, "Don't go out there. Why would you want to do that." But if you put that blank at the side and you go to your comfort zone and you get up to that fear and you go around it, through it under it, when you get to the other side, you kind of go, "Man, that was a lot easier than I thought. Why does that holding myself back?"

That's what I want you to do. I want you to know that complacency is your enemy complacency must be killed. Hold on for a minute that you get a knife. [laugh] Get a knife and go, 'Complacency die, die die." Alright, that was a little dramatic, right? But complacency kills. Complacency builds a smaller life you should be fighting and kicking and screaming to build a life that's worthy of you.

We have passion. We have power, where you make a bigger impact in the world because people are counting on you, right? Your kids, your neighbors, your spouse, your family, your parents, that community is looking at you. And when you start succeeding when you become happier, when you become more powerful, it gives them permission to do that, too, right? If Umar can do it, I can do it too.

Anyway, I think it's your right, your God given right to push up against your comfort zone. Step into who you are and build something significant so you have more happiness and more success in your life and that's my biggest dream for you. Be happier, be more successful and be a bigger impact in your community.


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