November 17

Build A Happier More Successful Life Part 3 of 5


[Video Transcription]

Hey everyone, welcome to video three.

My name is Umar Hameed and my mission in life is to help people break through the barriers and become happier and more successful. So today, what I want to talk to you about is this is happiness. So I want you to go on this thought experiment with me, I want you to go in this thought experiment. And what I want you to do is I want you to think of a time maybe when you were a kid, or a bit older, we were doing something that just made you smile, just made you happy, just made you feel alive. We give you about 10 seconds, 20 seconds to think about when that moment in time was for you. And I want you to go back to that memory. For me, it was going a fear of a funfair, I guess you'd call it an England had come into town, and I was so excited to go there. And my uncle took me there. And when we got there, I just had such a great time, I felt alive, I felt happy, I felt joyous, anything was possible that day, I was about eight years old.

So if you've got that memory from childhood, when you were like truly happy, I want you to take a deep breath and let it out slowly. And I want you to go back to that memory. And I want you to see what you saw back then, when you were truly, truly happy, right? And as you see that in your mind's eye, it starts changing things inside. And I want you to hear whatever you heard back then it could have been laughter, it could have been what people were saying, stuff that was going on around you, when you do those two things. When you see what you saw back then, and when you hear what you heard back, then you start feeling that happiness, notice where in your body, you feel it.

For me, I feel it right here in the center of my chest. And one of the things you could do, as you're seeing what you saw back then, and hearing what you heard back then and noticing when you feel it is put up your hand and imagine you have a volume knob. And I want you to turn up the happiness, and I'm turning it up for me. And for me, it's clockwise might be counterclockwise for you, crank it up, so it gets stronger and stronger. Crank it up so it starts to lean your entire body, crank it up, so you're radiating with that happiness, crank it up even more. So it's going beyond your body. And as you got to this really, really deep level of happiness, I want you to make a fist and I want you to make that piston say yes. And when you say yes, you lock in that feeling with this gesture and that word, I want you to crank up that feeling see what you saw back then crank it up higher, higher, higher. So you're just living it breathing it. Make it physical. Yes, yes, yes. And one more time crank it up even more higher, higher higher. Yes!

What you've done successfully, is something you do accidentally all the time. As human beings, we make meaning of events that happen and they've been events in the past, where let's say you had a bad experience at high school, and you go back for a class reunion, 20 years later, when you get to the vice principal's office, because you've linked an uncomfortable feeling with that office, even though the vice principal is dead now, you still feel that like gut-wrenching feeling, because you've linked an event and the emotion together. And what we did there was happiness, right? We linked happiness that's even stronger than it was originally with this gesture that goes Yes. So anytime you want to feel happy, all you need to do is go Yes. And you're going to feel it in your body authentically, powerfully. You're changing your brain chemistry, you can feel a feeling unless your brain releases the right chemicals in the right way to make you feel that particular emotion.

So in the comments below what you put down, yes, if you can access the happiness anytime you want. I want you to do it all the time. Because what's not to love about being happy all the time. People think you're psychotic because you'll be going yes all the time. But hey, that's the price of greatness. Hope you enjoyed this and I will see you on the next video.


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