November 24

Does Hope Help or Hinder You


[Video Transcription]


This is Benjamin Disraeli, he was the Prime Minister of England many moons ago, "Unprepared for the worst, but hope for the best."

So hope, right? Hope is eternal we say. But hope is a double-edged sword, right? Because sometimes what hope does is, hope is like joining the health club in January, "This is the year that I am going to get fitter, stronger, faster." And then just because we have a health club membership, doesn't mean we have to go to the health club. Most health clubs love January because hundreds of people join, thousands of people join. But very few show up after two weeks, even less after a month, even less after two months, but they still keep on paying the membership that people want money, I want money. But we throw that money away because not because we're forgetful, maybe a little bit right, but because just having the membership has the potential of us becoming healthier, us becoming stronger, us becoming sexier, us becoming more desirable.

And so hope is a double-edged sword. What's my level of hope today? And if the level of hope today is like, "You know, my hope is at 10," you can ask yourself a frickin' question, "Why is it 10? Why am I not executing? Why don't I feel powerful? Why don't I feel certain Why is hope there?"

I don't want you to be hopeless, but hope should be, you only get the hope, right? is when shits going badly. Rather than saying, "I hope it gets better," say "What do I need to do right now to improve this situation? What's the one thing I could do? What's the smallest thing I could do to improve this presentation?" That my friends is where the answers lie. So HOPE!


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