November 19

Dream BIG


[Video Transcription]

Good morning world. Like one of the tasks we have here in life is to dream, right? I want to be an astronaut or whatever. I mean, did you hear that William Shatner is going to space in a couple of days. I bet that was his dream. So one is to dream big. And two is to really wanted and three is to fight the demons. Like those things inside our minds that stop us from executing that keep us prisoners in our own comfort zone.

So on Thursday evening, I'm going to be doing a presentation that I'm inviting you to, but we'll be looking at all the areas where we get stuck. What inside our head is happening that gets us to be stuck, because you know, just knowing what the problem is, it's 80% of the solution. And let's take a deep dive into the human psyche and figure out what blocks us and talk about how we can get unstuck and dream those big dreams and maybe go to space, "Hey, William Shatner see in space."


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