October 29

Find Your Purpose


Watch both videos before doing the prep work to uncover your purpose

Material needed for this exercise:

  • A stack of 3 X 5 cards
  • Two markers of different colors (this will keep the attribute and activity cards separate)
  • And an open mind

Part One – Attributes

Think of the attributes of people you admire. These people could be:

  • People you know (mother, coach, boss, …)
  • People you know of (celebrities, world leaders, …)
  • Historical luminaries (Lincon, Martin Luther, …)
  • Fictional Characters (Sherlock Homes, Capt. America, …)

Select one of the markers to use for this section of the exercise.

  • Think of the first person you admire and write down the attributes they have that speak to you.
  • Write down one attribute per card. Don’t write the story behind the attribute, just the attribute
  • If the person has more than one attribute you admire create a card for each one
  • Move on to the next candidate and repeat.

Note: you may end up with multiple cards of an attribute (five of the people you admire share courageousness for example). This just shows you how important this attribute is to you.

Part Two – Activities

Think of all the jobs and activities you have enjoyed in the past. These could include:

  • School assignments
  • Summer jobs
  • College projects
  • Community activities
  • Church activities
  • Jobs you held as an adult
  • Being a parent
  1. Select the other marker (different color) to use for this section of the exercise.
  2. Think of a job or position you held. Select an activity you enjoyed doing in that capacity
  3. Write down one activity per card. Don’t write the story behind the activity, just the activity. Examples include researcher, explorer, teacher, creator, leader, …
  4. If the position has more than one activity that spoke to you create a card for each one
  5. Move on to the next job and repeat.

Note: you may end up with multiple cards of an activity (three of the jobs you enjoyed involved problem solving, so you wrote problem solver on three cards because this was an aspect of the job you loved)

Part Three – Discover Your Purpose

Set up an appointment with me so I can use this data to guide you to uncover your purpose in life. You will know you have discovered it because it will resonate with your heart. It sounds a bit touchy-feely but it is the best way to describe the feeling you experience when you discover your purpose.


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