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Hey everyone! I wanted to chat with you about learning styles. I'm not sure who invented this, but it's called FORMAT. And whoever did, thank you very much for doing that. And it's important to know, the learning styles of other people and our own learning styles. So here are the four quadrants.

Quadrant one are the WHY PEOPLE, like my wife, Eileen was a why person, before you told her anything, you had to let her know why she should pay attention to it. If you didn't do that, then she kind of tuned down. So why people are like very much like CEO types and it's like, "Bottom line it for me, tell me why I should learn this."

The second group are the WHAT PEOPLE, they're the process people, they get turned on by process, "I don't care why, I just want to know what the process is! What's the first step? What's the second step?" Between step 11 and 12, maybe they should be another step in the middle. So these are the process people they get turned on by that, kind of weird if you ask me but you know, that's just me.

But the third group, which I belong to, are probably the best. They're the HOW PEOPLE, it's like, "Shut up already. Let me go play with it." It's the experience of doing it that creates the learning.

And then you've got the fourth group, they're the WHAT IF PEOPLE, they're the people, you've been at workshops, where you, you know, are teaching something and someone says, "Well, will this work on Mars?" And it's like, "What does Mars have to do with anything?" So then what if people get concerned about all the possibilities that could happen.

So recapping, four food groups, you got the WHY? PEOPLE, "Bottom line for me." You've got the WHAT? PEOPLE, process people, you've got the HOW? PEOPLE, which are the most handsomest, I think, and then you've got the fourth, the WHAT IF? PEOPLE.

So in the comments below, write down what your style is, are you a why, what how or what if? Thanks so much for sharing and have an amazing day. And once you know where you sit, you can let the instructors know. By the way, I'm a how person, let me have at it. Have a blessed day. Take care. Bye now.


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