November 25

Going Beyond Motivation


[Video Transcription]

Does motivation work? Hell yeah, it works, right?

You're feeling a little down and you're freaking out, what do I do? Can I step it up and you go on to YouTube, you find Tony Robbins, and Tony Robbins whispers to you what you need to do. Okay, he shouts at you what you need to do and it's amazing and powerful and it's transformational. But the question is, how long does that motivation last? Because there is a better way and I'll share that with you in a moment.

Whole reason for being is to teach you how to break through your barriers so you become awesomer, become the person you were always meant to be. And certainly the motivation that Tony Robbins does, and all those grades that are out there is extrinsic from the outside, right? And that kind of motivation lasts for a little while.

But there's a more important kind of motivation and that is intrinsic. If you could take charge of your mindset would allow you to build a stronger heart, courage, determination, tenacity. And this would allow you to keep on going no matter what's happening around you.

Take two teams, you've got a team with like superstars in it, then you've got a team of, you know, good players, but they've got heart. And they work together better more times than not, this team is going to defeat the team that has more talent on it, because heart is really important, right? That's intrinsic motivation!

So the best way to get that that I know is to use a technology called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, gives you the ability to take charge your mindset so you can decide how you want to show up, you can decide how to switch on courage, determination.

And that's my mission is to teach people how to use that technology to get the lives that they want. It's not so much about achieving the results you want at the end, which is really important and that's why we do it but the power really lies in the journey getting there.

When you have the right mindset, you transform yourself, you go from who you used to be to who you were always meant to be. And that's my biggest wish for you. If this speaks to you, there's a link below on a training I have coming up, it's called success mindset and it's a six week journey and it's going to show you how to take charge of this, your mindset. So you show up more powerfully in life, and you transform who you are from, who you used to be. You guessed it, to who you were always meant to be.


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