November 22

How To Let Go Of Past Events


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Hello team URL. One things I want to teach you is how to let go past events.

All too often, we're minding our own business, we are living life and something happens. And all of a sudden we have a reaction to it, right? And the question is, why is that reaction so strong because the person did this small little thing but my reaction is, like, massive. And the reason is massive is, is not the small thing is what is tethered to.

So think of it this way. If you have, let's say, a piano on one side of the room, and you have a harp on the other side of the room, if you hit the piano key really fiercely, certain strings on the harp are going to start resonating as well, right? is called sympathetic resonance. So what happens is this event in the past happens, and is so strong, there's so many emotions tied there, that when something of a similar resonance happens in the future, in the present, the energy comes back from that thing in the past. So what that means to you is two things.

Number one, you need to let go of the past. And it turns out that the past is not holding on to you, you're holding on to the past. So the question is, how do you do that? Well, the way you do that is this, when something bad happens to you, like let's say, you were inconsiderate, or you snapped at a loved one. They said, "What are you doing?" "I'm busy," and they're like, "Oh my God," and you hurt their feelings? And later on you go, "Why did I do that? You know, I could have taken a moment to be more patient," or it could be that you're expecting this really important sale to close.

And for whatever reason, you do something dumb and you lose the sale, and then you're like, "Oh, my God, that's horrible. And then your minds thinking about it. And then when you go to do a close in the future, you get reminded of what happened in the past and then you kind of repeat the past again, right? So how do you let go those events, this is how you let go those events, when something from the past comes up. And it could have been something recent, like five minutes ago, you were in this situation when something bad happened, you can let go of that right then and there right soon as you get to the car, or your office. Or it could be all of a sudden get reminded of, "Oh yeah, when I was in high school, this thing happened and it still haunts me," this is how you let go of it.

Number one. Notice where in your body feel that negative emotion, it could be in your guts, or your chest or wherever, go, "Oh my God, there's something real here, I'm feeling this emotion that's negative, that's hurting me." So number one, notice the emotion number two, when you do that, I want you to just if it's an event in the past, just close your eyes and think about that event. And notice a picture pops up in your mind's eye that represents that event. And 40% of your brain is designed to process visual information, and so part of that is how we code things. So you think about something bad that recently happened or something in the past, notice you feel uncomfortable in your body.

And the first thing you do is think about that event, notice a picture pops up in your mind's eye. And when that picture pops up, I want you to take a look at that picture. And notice how far from your face it is it's inside your head. When you think about it, there's a sense of distance, right? It could be right in front of you, it could be 2 feet away, 10 feet away, 20 feet away, wherever it is. So it's the kind of size, right? it could be really small, or it could be life size, a panoramic, or an 8.5 x 11. Notice the size of the picture. Notice whether it's in color, or black and white. Notice the brightness of the picture. Notice the focus of the picture is a sharp or fuzzy. Notice that it has a frame around it or no frame. And when you notice those things you can call it that's kind of interesting. This picture represents that negative event and here are the attributes of it, then ask yourself this question, "What is the lesson that the universe is trying to teach me from that event? What do I need to learn so it doesn't repeat again," and an answer will pop up, "I need to be more patient or sometimes people are idiots," or whatever that thing is, store that information where you keep important information then you don't need that picture anymore.

And if you get stuck, call me and tell me about what's going on and I'll help you figure out what the lesson is. Once you've got that lesson, this is your picture you can do anything you want to do with it. First thing you do is if it was color, in your mind's eye just switch to black and white. Notice how it changes the feelings if it reduces the feelings, keep it black and white. If it leaves it the same, put it back to color. If it increases it for sure, flip it back to where it was. And play with the brightness. Notice which way on the brightness reduces the feelings do that. Notice the focus, it doesn't reduce the feelings when you go fuzzier or sharper. Notice the size of the picture, you could reduce it down to a thumbnail like a computer thumbnail. For most people that reduces the feelings for a few increases. Do whatever it takes in terms of size to reduce the feelings.

If you had a frame, remove the frame if didn't have a frame, add a frame. Do all the things you need to do, by the way, a truck is backing up. Because they want to hear about how to let go of past events desperately. I'm gonna hope you can live with the beeping. I'm gonna pause this video just for a second. Alright, the truck has arrived, that beeping has stopped. So you've got this picture that has you think of a past event that's negative, you feel the feelings notice those you look the picture that's been created, look at all the parameters of that picture. And then you learn the lesson you need to learn so you can truly let go of that event.

Now here's what you do start playing with those parameters, the brightness, frame or no frame, the sharpness, the size of the picture, reduce it then finally, figure out which way reduces the feelings in your body. Whether you push the picture back or forward for most people is back. Keep on pushing it back and back till the feelings go to zero. When it gets to zero, go another 20 feet or two miles and lock it in place. And then this is what happens. This feeling has zero emotions. And because has rural zero emotion when you think of that past event. There are no feelings there to haunt you. Also, you learned the lesson so you don't repeat the same mistake again. So that's it. Just recapping. Think of a past event that makes you feel bad. Notice when you feel those feelings. Notice a picture pops up in your mind's eye, learn the lesson change the parameters, so the feeling goes to zero. That's how you let go of past events.

Send me an email let me know how this thing is working for you. For a ton of people that I've shown this to they go, "Umar, this is life changing. When I make a mistake rather than waiting 12 years from now talking to a therapist literally in minutes, I can just go and reduce the feelings and have the thing go to zero learn the lesson and I can move on with my life." Hope you enjoyed this and have yourself a blessed day. And if you like this kind of stuff, join my Facebook group., it's called Mindset Boosters. You'll see a picture of me smiling something like this. And every day you're going to learn things that allow you to become better, stronger, faster. Have a blessed day and see you on the next video.


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