November 22

How To Overcome Depression With NLP


[Video Transcription]

There are people out there that have an amazing family, amazing house, amazing work amazing life. And when they get depression, all of the joy in their heart gets drained away, and it changes the way they interact with the world, right? So here's some stats about depression, 7% of the population suffers from depression, that includes 1.9 million children that have to struggle with this ailment every single day.

If you have depression, you're four times more likely to have a heart attack, if you have depression, it just changes your life in significant ways. The interesting fact that, that I can focus on is that people that take antidepressants, only half of them ever recover from depression. So the question is, you know, what is depression? How do we get there? And more importantly, how can we break through?

So with depression, you get low energy, so you don't really want to do anything. And you kind of get this attitude of what's the point anyway. And when you do that, after a while, you realize that nothing is going to change, I'm stuck in this place. And when you get that once in a while, you know, you go to a social function or a job, and you try and fake being happy, or at least normal. And when you come back from that engagement, it just drains you even further. And pretty soon it disconnects you from life, it disconnects you from the loved ones around you, and it disconnects you from yourself, because that's the only way that you can survive. This creates a reinforcing feedback loop. Because if you have that kind of mental attitude, that kind of energy, of course, when you go to do something, you are going to fail. And when you fail, it strengthens that belief that something is wrong and nothing's ever going to change.

Hi, everyone. My name is Umar Hameed and I use applied neuroscience to help people break through depression. And what we're looking for is this is what is the underlying core belief that's causing the situation because behaviors don't happen, unless there's a belief underneath it. And what we need to do is to identify what that belief is, and we can go in there, identify the belief and change it when we change that belief, it starts changing your life, it opens up the possibility that change is possible for you.

And from that we can empower you with other tools from NLP that allow you to access happiness, really feel love in your life, really get the energy you need to start taking action. When you do that, when you disconnect from that limiting belief. And with these strategies, you starts spiraling up where there's more happiness, more love, more joy, and you come back to the place where you were where you had, you could feel that love. that connection with your family, with your life, with your profession with yourself. And that's why I do what I do because it gives me immense joy. That's my reason for being is helping people break through their barriers, so they live happier, loving, more productive lives.

If this speaks to you, click on the link below and set up a free consultation with me. Let's chat about what's going on for you and how we can help you break through your depression so you get your life back.


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