November 25



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Hi everyone, I wanted to give you an insight to who I am. And perhaps through my story, you can figure out who you are.

So I was doing this exercise where I was trying to figure out, you know, what my strengths are, what my weaknesses are. And I was reaching out to friends that have known me for a long time.

And one of my friends, and one of my strengths is kindness. And when he said that, it just stopped me dead in my tracks, because you know, I'm a nice guy, I'm fun to be around. I care about people, I'm compassionate. But I never had thought of myself as kind.

And something about that, that I was blind to my guidance. And then it turned out to be such an important thing for me. So one side of who I am is kindness. 

I was talking to another friend, she was saying, you know, Whom are you use cleverness as a way to distract from one of the most important things because you're really smart guy. And you use this cleverness to kind of distract people and distract yourself. And that also hit a chord.

So on one side, I have kindness. And on the other side, I have cleverness. And the question is, where's the balance?

So try and change those things. But instead of changing them, how can I embrace them? So is there an internal conflict with the two? I don't think so. But I need to figure out which one needs my attention and certainly, cleverness, sometimes they use it to distract. But a lot of times I used to help my clients, a lot of times they use a doubt, think a problem.

So how to use cleverness in the right way that allows me to grow as a human being, and how to use kindness and everything that I do, that allows me to love myself more, be of service to others more, and do it through the lens of kindness. And what if, instead of just cleverness, I put that over here and I went through the lens of kindness. So it gave my cleverness, a nobler mission. 

So that's my challenge to you. If this speaks to you, take a look at you know, what are the two things that drive you? And if you're brave enough, put in the comments, and thanks so much for tuning in today. I say that in the kindest way possible, and I made this video not to be clever. Have a great morning. Have a great day, and I'll see you on the next video.


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