November 22

Life Worth Living


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When Isaac Asimov was asked, "What would you do if you knew you were going to die?" He said, "Write faster." Did you know he wrote hundreds of books because he knew who he was., he knew his purpose and every day was a joyous day. And being a writer is a freaking tough gig. But when you know who you are, you know your purpose, you're self possessed. No challenge is beyond you.

Hi, everyone. My name is Umar Hameed and I want to share with you what's possible for you because way too many people are living smaller lives than they should. And when you do that, it costs you. It costs you passion, it's robs you of life, right? So before we get started on, you know what the cost is, let me tell you what was happening for me. I was living in Baltimore. I had a great business, amazing friends, amazing girlfriend, two cats, live in a great neighborhood. And I realized that, "Wait a minute, am I making a big enough impact in the world? Do I have enough happiness in my life? Do I have enough passion in my life?" And the answer was, "No, you have a comfortable life."

Many people would love this life. But for me when I looked at it, "Am I going to make an impact in the world?" The answer was, "No." And so what I decided was the only way for me to figure out what my purpose was why I'm really here, how it can make a bigger impact was to get rid of everything. So I sold my house, I got rid of all my possessions. I found a great home for my two cats. I had to say [kiss] goodbye to my girlfriend. And I went on a quest.

And on this quest, what I realized was there's not enough happiness in the world, there's not enough passion in the world. What if I could help people let go of that smaller life and step into who they were always meant to be. Because when you have a smaller life, it costs you right? We get to this place of complacency and we just go, "It's okay. You know, it's not bad." And your family, your co-workers, your employees, the world deserves your best self not. Because when you live with smaller life, there's less passion in your life, when you live a smaller life, there's less happiness in your life, when you live a smaller life, you settle for smaller goals, when you live a smaller life, your soul becomes strained. It's like, "You're here to do so much more. You're here to shine and why are you hanging around in the shade?"

So if this speaks to you, and you go, "Hey, Umar, I know I could be accomplishing more." "Umar I know, sometimes I accomplish things, and then I go, 'Hmm, I thought it would be better," because we're looking for happiness on the outside, what we need to figure out is, once you tap into who you truly deeply are, you know who you are, it gives you a foundation to build the life that you want.

When you add to that your purpose in life, you know what you're here to accomplish. And remember, Mark Twain said, "The two most important days of your life are the day you're born, the day you figure out why." When you figure out that why that purpose, all of a sudden gives you the energy, the power, the passion to go, "Hey, I am heading in this direction. And I'm going to pick a career, a love, a life in alignment with that," when you do that, it allows you to accelerate your life. When you figure out how to let go of those limitations that have been holding you back, it frees up a ton of energy, so you actually progress faster.

So if you're tired of living a smaller life, not enough happiness, if you want to live a life where you save your life, every single day, every day you wake up and go, "Oh my God, I'm so happy to be alive." When you're that person, your kids notice, your spouse notices, your co-workers, your employees, the world, the community. And you become a beacon of light to help them it gives them permission to live that kind of life too.

If this speaks to you, read on. And in the next video a little further down. We're going to talk about the theory of the two coins and this is going to change your life. If you need to talk click on the button below. If not, go down and watch the video about the two coins.


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