November 22

Light of Creation


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Have you ever wondered what stops people from reaching their potential? We know people in our lives that have such amazing potential, but no matter how hard they try it, they can't seem to reach it. So the question is, what unseen forces stopping them? And in the moment, I'm going to share with you what's really going on, and more importantly, what you can do about it.

When we're born, the Maker, and douses, with this amazing creativity, think about the power that Bob has, by the way, say hi to Bob, Bob is born. And he's got this ability with that creativity, to get his parents to protect him with their lies, to beat him to change him to do everything he wants. But as he grows older and starts getting some abilities, parents want to keep them safe. And what they do is when Bob's about to pick up something disgusting off the floor and eat it, his mom goes, "No bad dirty." Now, Bob doesn't think that his mom's talking about the behavior, Bob thinks he's talking, his mom's talking about him. And that lays the fertile ground down for Bob's comfort zone. Anything that's okay to do that I've done before is safe. But anything new is bad, dirty, and my mom gets angry. So stay away from that, that fertile ground allows negativity to flourish.

So let me give you an example. If there's an event that has a lot of negative energy, human beings are meaning making machines, and Bob's gonna make meaning out of that. So when Bob is four years old, his parents get this brand new carpet in the living room, it's white, it's beautiful. It's expensive. The one rule is Bob, you're not allowed to take any liquid into that room by yourself, because Bob spill things right. So one day, Bob gets this large glass of grape juice, just as they get this rug goes running in the living room, see the rug, and he spills the grape juice all over the rug. And his dad is so angry at that moment, he says, "You are a waste of space." Does Bob's dad really mean it? not really, but to Bob is like, "Oh, my God." And Bob creates his core fundamental belief, you are useless.

And what that belief does this because it's not true, right? Bob has a million examples of his dad loving him. But because it's there, Bob's puts up a filter between him and the outside world. And he's at school one day, and they're picking people to join the sports team. And instead of being picked, number one, he's the number 10th picked, so he really thinks you know what, "I am worthless." And then later on his teachers trying to help him with math, and he's just not getting any realizes, no matter what happens, "I'm hopeless." And pretty soon that light of creativity gets blocked from the outside world, right? He's looking to date this most amazing, beautiful girl that he's ever seen. And she says, "No way, I'm never going to go out with you," so he feels helpless.

And pretty soon, this filter and that underlying beliefs start creating, attracting more and more beliefs that block that light of creativity. And when Bob reaches 35 years of age, and his life isn't exactly what he wants, what he ends up doing is going, "I'm gonna go to the therapist and the therapist going to help me, you know, get my life back." And the therapist looks at one of these things and says, "Oh, we're gonna work on this thing, we really need to remove this," and they could work on it for two months, three months, six months a year in the hopes of removing this. And soon as they remove it, another one comes up because the underlying belief, the core belief hasn't been changed.

And that's why I love Neuro-Linguistic Programming because what it does, it sets all of this aside, and it allows you, it allows you to uncover that original belief, that he was useless that's driving all of this thing. Because if you could take care of this, the rest of it just disappears in a moment. And that's what NLP allows you to do is to uncovered this belief and more importantly, you can take this belief, make it disappear like that. And that's my life's work.

My name is Umar Hameed and my mission in life is to allow that flame of creativity to be there always so it gives you the the confidence you need, the power you need, the passion you need to build the life that you want.


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