November 18

Mindset Boosters


[Video Transcription]

Salespeople have three kinds of days, great days where they're on fire and everything goes fabulously well. Bad days, but they can get out of the starting gate and average days where they do a good job, but they know they could be doing so much better. Your mindset determines what kind of day you have. What if you could tweak your mindset to eliminate the bad days forever? What if you could tweak your mindset to turn average days into great ones, the impact on your sales performance would be colossal.

To accomplish this, you need to enhance your mindset. Positive thinking and affirmations ain't gonna cut it, willpower ain't gonna cut it. What's needed is something exquisite from the world of neuroscience, introducing Mindset Boosters. Mindset Boosters are audio programs that have applied neuroscience embedded within them. They are designed to transform your mindset allowing you to break through your limitations so you show up more confidently. the Mindset Boosters app resides on your cell phone giving you the ability to take charge your mindset whenever and wherever you need it.

Here's how to use it. Let's say you have a do or die sales meeting coming up and your confidence level that day is only 60%, because you had a fight with your spouse or the dog peed on the rug or whatever. With only 60% confidence you know this meetings not going to go as well as it could, enter Mindset Boosters. Just before the meeting, you listened to the unstoppable track on your app. And six minutes later, your confidence level is at 100%. So you kick-ass in that meeting and win the day. The days of being held hostage by your mindset or a thing of the past whatever the issue is, there's a Mindset Boosters track for that. If you're ready to crank up your performance, click on the link below.


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