November 24

My Fears


[Video Transcription]

Hey guys, welcome to the next video in the series and on this one, we take a look at My Fears. So in your mind map write down my fears. This is what I wrote down.

One of my fears is that I'll find out that I don't deserve, Eek, right? My fear is I'm not good enough fear of rejection. What if I'm doing the wrong thing? If I'm doing the wrong thing? That would not be good, right? So what brought that up is this is that when I first got my first glimpse of NLP, I was taking up the game of Squash, which I love and I sucked at. But I got really good at it really quickly. And I was wondering, "Well, how come I can get good at this," and in business, I'm not doing that well.

And so I went to see this woman, Una Elliot. And she helped me figure it out, figure out that I knew with certainty that I was here to change the world, do something life changing for the planet. And it could be that someone's about to cross the road and be run over by a truck and I stopped them, and they go on to invent penicillin, and that was my contribution to the world, or I do something significant. Because I wasn't sure I was in the right path, I was holding myself back. And she made me realize that if you're going to do this great thing, it's going to happen, there's nothing you can do to stop it.

So I want to make sure that I'm doing the right thing. And one of the things about coming on this trip and letting go of my old life was to just go, "Who am I going to meet? What are the conversations?" and from those conversations, I am going to get some insights into what I should be doing. And what I should be doing is this, is decoding what it means to be human.

So people are out there working really hard, putting stress on themselves, and going through life without enough happiness, enough joy, enough passion. And if I could just teach them how to touch their humanity, figure out, "This is why I'm here. This is what I'm here to do," that it would change everything it would allow them show up in a more powerful way or allow them to show up in the sense of being instead of like this frantic doing. So anyway, doing the right thing. I know it deeply.

So going back to this mind map. My fear is I'm not better than the competition. My fear is people finding out that I'm not all that. Man, when I did this on the plane, it was like "gulp," but I put myself in the state of you know, we need to know what the truth is. We need to know what's going on inside here. And if we can figure that out, we can start breaking through those barriers and start becoming awesome.

There is one more mind map left and that's for tomorrow. And I'd like you to get ready for that that's going to be even scarier than this one. See you tomorrow.


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