November 22

My First NLP Experience


[Video Transcription]

My first exposure to NLP was in 1990. I was running a computer consulting firm, and things were going great, till I took up Squash, and I sucked at it. But I loved Squash, I had passion for it, drive for it. And two months later, I got a good bit better and then three months later, I got better, better, better, better on one day, I was like, "Wait a minute, what's going on here? I love my business and Squash, I have passion for it, drive for it, how come in sports I can improve dramatically, but in my business life, I'm coasting.

And someone suggested go see this woman, her name is Una Elliot. And she's an expert at NLP. So I went to see Una and it was a life changing event. Whatever the block was stopping me from excelling in my business just disappeared. And as I walked out of that session, I made a promise to myself, I must learn this and more importantly, I gotta teach this to the world because we need to learn how to break through a barrier so we become awesome.

So the question is, what is NLP? NLP is a toolkit you need to understand how you can control your mindset, because your mindset controls everything in your life. And if you don't know how to control it, you're a victim of your mindset. You might be getting good results, but you can't get to greatness unless you master mindset. And that's what NLP does better than any other discipline. And it allows you the fastest path to breaking through your limitations, so you step into awesomeness.


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