November 22



[Video Transcription]

So for one of the reasons we don't achieve the dreams you want to achieve, it isn't just about a smart goal, clearly defined and achievable and all that stuff. A lot of time every single human being on planet Earth has a purpose in life. The only problem is 99% of people don't know what their purpose is. So they try to pick a goal that's out of alignment of who they are.

So the first thing as human beings we need to do is to figure out what our purpose in life is, once we know our purpose in life, we have a direction, a mission that we're going in. And it's much easier to find a goal on that line, because every ounce of your humanity, your being will be focused on that goal.

Figuring out what your deepest values are what really drives you at an unconscious level, if you can figure that out, and the criteria used, that you pick a goal that's an alignment with that. And what that does is then you pick a clearly defined goal on that path. Then you've got every single ounce of humanity power that drive that passion, that tenacity comes into play and allows you to achieve it much faster.


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