November 24

Secrets On How to Deal with Disappointment


[Video Transcription]

Number three is DISAPPOINTMENT.

Deadpool, I love this guy. "When you have expectations, you're setting yourself up for disappointment", Ryan Reynolds, that is true. But also when you set expectations, it allows you to let go everything else and go after that pursue that. But if you've had a lot of disappointments in your life, and things have gone wrong in your life, then all of a sudden you start thinking, ah, what's the point? You know, it's never worked out in the past, it's not gonna work out again, I'm just unlucky. And I want you to know that you're not unlucky. It's all a mindset. Your mindset determines how you see the world.

Your mindset determines whether when you fall down, you stay down. When you brush yourself off and say, "All right, that's it. I'm back in action, baby. I'm gonna go make it happen." It's all mindset, right?

So the reason disappointment is something you need to monitor when it happens. Just think of a time right now think of the time that you were disappointed. Go back to that moment when you have it. When you go back there, I want you to see what have you saw back then? I want you to hear what have you heard back then. And when you do those two things, you get to notice where your body feel that disappointment, I feel it right here, I know what that feeling feels like.

Going back to a past disappointment seeing what you saw back then, hearing what you heard back then gets you to re-experience it when you re-experience it. This is a gift and what you need to do is take this gift of disappointment and go. I know what that feels like and when you know what it feels like you can look for it like oh my god, I'm feeling disappointment now. Because oftentimes you don't even realize you're feeling disappointment because it just feels uncomfortable. So you're trying to distract yourself, but it doesn't mean that disappointment went away. The disappointment is there.

So train yourself to recognize it, when you recognize it just put your hand on and say, "Hmm, what's causing the disappointment?" and answer will come up and that answer is going to move you forward into figuring out what's really going on.


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