November 19

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Just for a moment, I want you to take that part of your mind that is the judge let it step aside for a moment and go on this thought experiment with me. What if there was a pill that you could take right now that would allow you allow you to let go of any fear or anxiety that you might be feeling? What if there was a pill that allowed you to go inside your mind and let go of all the negative beliefs that have been holding you back? What if there was a pill that allowed you to remove the shields that you have secret to love more deeply and feel that love that other people have for you? Would you take that pill?

Because if you took that pill, it would change your life immediately. It would allow you to show up in a more powerful way would allow you to have more success in your life. It would allow you to feel more love in your life, it would allow you to let your heart fully explain what is your biggest dream and give you the courage and the tenacity to go get it. Because most people aren't living that kind of life, right? Most people are living in a life that is complacent. We're stuck in where we're stuck, and they might be a comfortable place but it isn't what your heart wants.

Hi, my name is Umar Hameed and I'm an expert at changing human behavior. What I do is figure out what in your mind stops you from showing up in the most powerful way you possibly can. What I'd like to offer you is this a call with me for about 15 minutes in in that call, I am not going to sell you anything I promise. But in that column and to show you one of the areas where you're stuck. And I'm going to give you a tool that's going to allow you to get unstuck right there and then on that call, to prove to you that you're capable of so much more.

And that change isn't difficult and hard. And it doesn't take a long time that you can create change very quickly. And at the end of that call, you might say, "Umar, you're a genius," well, not many people have said that, but you might. And you might say, "Hey Umar, how do I work with you," in which case we will set up another call and have that conversation. But if you decide tomorrow, that was really nice. Thanks for sharing, but have a nice day. That's what we'll do.

So the question is this. If I had a pill that would give you the change you want would you take it? My advice would be take the pill, click the link down below, set up that that call with me. Figure out where you're stuck. More importantly, get unstuck and get the life you truly deeply want. Thanks a lot. Talk soon.


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