November 24

The Elements of Life


[Video Transcription]

Welcome to Video 2 and on this video, I'm going to share with you the Elements of Life. So in the mind map that you learned how to do in the last video, right in the center of the page, I want you to write down elements of life. And then think about what those elements are for you.

And for me, I put down relationships. And I took some branches off that, what does relationships mean to me, a relationship with myself, with love with family?

Then I said, finances, what kind of income do I want to earn? Do I have money issues? Do have self worth issues to have savings? What kind of savings do I want? And one of the things I've done in the past is I'm always looking for a deal. And since I've made this video, and I've been in Greece for a month, I do not look for a deal. I just look for the best freaking thing out there and buy it and enjoy it and embrace it. [sigh] and you know what? I deserve it.

Then health, what do I want in health, strength, vitality, wellness, I want to be working out all the time. So before I came to Greece, I was working out all the time, like every single day playing squash, playing tennis, doing a physical workout, feeling strong. And since I came to Greece, I've been doing a lot of walking, but not a lot of working out. And when I get to porch gold, that has to change, otherwise, I'm going to be like, quite fat when I come back, although I haven't gain any weight.

So going back to this romance, I want it to be hot, I want it to be loving, I want passion. I want it to be a lifelong romance, not only with someone else, but with myself as well, right? Then work, I want my work to be fulfilling, have an impact, I do my best work. And I'm always learning so I'm always improving.

Elements of life, God, I want oneness with God. I want to think that I am God that there's this whole concept of if you thought you were God, and then everyone else around you was God as well. You would treat them differently, you treat yourself differently.

And I want to live well. And the emotional side of things, I want a high level of joy, high level of happiness, lots of passion, and anxiety should be very, very low.

And then play, I want to play I want to have passion fun. I always want to be improving in the things that I do. So play isn't just play. It's when I'm doing work stuff. If I come at it from a place of play, it allows me to do my very best work and expertise that I get better and better at what I do.

Then we've got sleep, that I want to not wake up in the middle of the night, I want to be rested. I want at least eight hours a night, I want to have dreams that I remember.

So these are the elements of life that were important to me. And I want you to do a mind map and say elements of life and put down the elements that are important to you and steal some of mine. And if you add some of yours, let me know in the comments that, "Umar this is what I added in, world domination," or whatever that is for you.

So I hope you enjoy this. And this gives you a sense of oftentimes we go to build a life that we want. And we fail to pay attention to things that are important to us. And this sets the stage of these are the elements in life, so when I build a life that I want is going to encompass all of this. I love mind maps, I love you and this is my new reason for being, right? is to to build joyful, fun, happy, passionate lives, where you savor life as if it was your last day. Yum! See on the next video.


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