November 22

The Lamp: How to Remove Your Fear and Anxiety and Build Your Best Life


[Video Transcription]

What if this was the lamp? You know, the one that you robbed and you get three wishes? What would you wish for?

Like for most people they're gonna wish for, "I want a million dollars. Oh, make $10 million with inflation." I want somebody smoking hot, who thinks I'm the person of their dreams. I want a house an amazing house, no, one house on each coast. That would be amazing, right? We want this amazing life where we have luxury, happiness and joy and financial freedom.

But here's what I want you to consider the you watching me right now. Your fears, your anxieties, your limiting beliefs, your hopes, your dreams, desires have built the life that you're living right now, if we transported you to this brave new world, how quickly would you screw it up? But what if there was a better lamp, the one that you've rubbed? And what it did was it removed your fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs. If that happened for you, it would allow you to be more bolder and bolder, you'd go after bigger projects that are worthy of you, right? You'd go after those relationships that are really important to you, it'd be a life changer, right?

What if it allows you to be more loving? So the people in your life right now, those relationships become richer, warmer? And if you were loving in that way, you would attract the person of your dreams to you, right? What if you knew exactly who you were, your, your deepest values, that criteria that your mind uses to make sure you're in alignment, that you uncovered, you discovered what your purpose in life was. So you built this amazing life in alignment with who you are. And that's what you bring every ounce of willpower, strength, passion, focus creativity to make that happen. You would accelerate everything. And what if this knew you was at peace? If you were at peace, that frantic doing would go away, you just be in a state of flow, to allow you to be your best self and accelerate you to building that brave new world.

The question is, you know, if we know that we know what we want to do we know what we want to remove, how come most people are stuck. This was the epiphany that changed my life when I realized, and I've been working with people for the last 25 years. Underneath every behavior that counts is a belief in our unconscious that controls it. This is like a black hole of gravity that locks us into that behavior. And some of the behaviors you have are stopping you from building that brave new world. And we try and change it, we can't and here's why it doesn't work. Because that belief is under there locking it in. You can't change that behavior. And once in a while, we get inspired, and we do change it. But if we don't address the underlying belief, the gravity is so strong that after an hour, a month, two months, we go back to the old way of being and we're stuck again.

But with technologies like applied neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we have the ability to go in and change those beliefs. And when we change those beliefs, those behaviors automatically change coming into behaviors, you want to make that a reality. So there isn't such a thing as that magic lamp that's gonna make that go away. But technologies like NLP will.

If this speaks to you, and you want to build that life faster than you ever thought possible, give me a call so we can have a discussion about where you are right now where you want to be. Because my belief is when change happens, it happens really quick. And my goal is within a month, to help you remove all the limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties, help you get clarity on what you want to build, so you can get busy doing it. Frankly, there isn't a moment to waste and if this speaks to you, please call me and I'd love to get to know you and, and figure out how we can get you from here to there really quickly.


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