November 25

The Lesson of The Two Coins


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Just envision this, Einstein in a room with his hair all kind of frizzy, looking at 21 blackboards of Math that he's put on there, he's trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe.

If a mathematician went in there, they'd get a nosebleed. But what he ended up doing was taking all that math down to one simple little equation, E = mc2. And now any high school kid with a calculator can basically figure out the mysteries of the universe, right?

And Einstein has this quote, "I don't care for simplicity, but simplicity on the other side of complexity is a beautiful thing." And that's what I want to share with you, I want to share with you The Lesson of The Two Coins. So here goes, heads you win.

So here's what the theory is, this is what I came up with. What if there were two coins that govern your life, one coin had happiness on one side, and every day you measure your level of happiness. If it's not a 10, something's wrong, and you're living a smaller life in your work. If it's not a 10, there's something wrong, right? If you're working in most of your days, like a four, definitely something's wrong.

The other side of the coin is stress. If you're stressed, isn't a one or a two every single day, that's enough stress to get you to do your very best. If it's like a six, or seven, or eight or nine or a ten, then something is wrong, and you're living a smaller life and you're doing things that do not feed your soul. Something's wrong.

The second coin, the second coin has love on one side and that love you should be measuring every single day. Do I feel loved? And what's the level from zero to ten? If there's not a 10, something is wrong, and you're living a smaller life. If you don't love the work that you do, something's wrong, you live a smaller life.

On the other side of the coin is fear. You're like, "Umar, I'm not afraid of anything," if you're not doing the things you're meant to be doing the things you want to be doing, baby, there's fear there. If you're not as open and loving and caring in your relationships, if you're holding back this fear there. And you're living a smaller life.

So I want you to measure these four things every single day, your level of happiness, because you can look at the trend. Is it going up? Is it going down? Is it staying the same? The level of stress, the negative stress, love and fear.

Putting your pulse on your life every single day will let you know what's going on. And I want you to know that once you tap into the power of who you are who you're always meant to be, the Maker didn't put you on earth the struggle. The Maker puts you on earth to shine. If your light shining, something's getting in the way and what's getting in the way is things that happened to you when you were a child. Things that happened when you were in school when people told you you can do anything you want, but really it was like, "You took a mean, but not for me.

Those things that hold us hostage, oftentimes they're invisible and it's like you're in a straitjacket and you want to do something and you just can't and after a while you just give up and you go into this complacent life.


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