November 25

The NLP Disney Process | How to use the NLP Disney Strategy


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What if you had the ability to be insanely creative, you had the ability to be a much higher thinker so you can make ideas, improve them really, really quickly? What if you had the discipline and the know how to figure out how to build things from the ground up that really work, it'd be a game changer for you, right? 

There's a technique I'm about to share with you that's going to allow you to have those three elements.

Let me take a break for a second, think about entertainment, they have this rare commodity called the triple threat. It's someone that is amazing at dancing at seeing and acting is such a rare commodity, that they call it a triple threat. Just imagine if you had the ability to be insanely creative, had the ability to think at a much higher level, and also have the analytical skills to put it all together to make this thing work, you my friend, would be a triple threat to but in the world of business.

Well, here's how it works. Let me share an idea with you first. So oftentimes, when I'm doing a workshop, I want people to pay attention and really attack what I'm teaching them, right? So one of the ways I do that is I tell this cliffhanger story, this amazing story that builds up his curiosity, what's about to happen next. And when I've got the entire audience sitting forward going on my every word waiting for what's going to happen next, I stopped the story right there. And what I've done is I've artificially created curiosity within them. And this so curious, and I take a piece of learning and say, learn this. And because it's so curious, they absorb it much faster, and they retain it a hell of a lot longer. And then of course, I'll finish my story off, so they don't kill me, because I didn't tell them the ending of the story. But the point here is, I created artificial curiosity. And that allowed them to learn a much higher level.

So we can use these emotions that we have to take our game to a higher level. So there's three areas that I want to show you. One is you know how to be incredibly creative. The second thing is how to be that person with critical thinking that can improve an idea like that consultant space. And then the third space is to ground it to make it real, what are the steps we need to take to make that vision happen.

And here's how you do it, you create three markers on the floor 1, 2, 3. So you step on the first marker, and you think of a particular time where you felt incredibly creative. And it could have been from last week, or when you were a kid, this one particular time where you had this amazing creative force within you, when you think about event, all you need to do is number one, see that event in your mind's eye. So you're seeing what you saw back then, hearing what you heard back then. And when you do those two things, you get to experience what you were feeling. And what you would be feeling is that incredible creative energy inside your body. And you can even amp that up a bit. So it gets really, really strong.

And when you've got that amazingly strong feeling of being creative, then you think about the project you're working on. And because you're feeling creative, all of a sudden, the ideas come flying out of your head, and you go, Wait a minute, we could do this, and this and this and this, and you accelerate your creativity, because you're not going through the intellectual exercise of it, you are authentically feeling creative. And that allowed you to be creative at a much higher level. And after a couple of minutes to three minutes in that spot, you've got this vision of what you want your project to look like. Granted, a lot of it might be pie in the sky, not really doable, but some of it might be,

Then you step in that second space, that consultant space. And when you step into that space, I want you to think of a particular time where you were that amazing consultant might have been working with friends or family, there was this problem going on and you have the solution, you know how to bring the different pieces into make it doable.

Think about memory, in your mind's eye, go to that memory, see what you saw back then hear what you heard back, then when you do those two things get to re experience that consultant energy, that vibe, when you could actually solve problems, see the solutions really easily. And when you do that, and you've got that feeling really strong, then you take the vision you just created from the creative space, this pie in the sky thing. And you'll look at it from your consultants point of view when you've got that amazing energy inside you. And what happens is all of a sudden, the pieces start fitting together and you say wait a minute, you're not dreaming big enough here, let's increase that what that one's way out of line. Let's bring that in. And after about two, three minutes, you've taken that pie in the sky idea and you've made it real and doable.

Once you've got that done, you go into the third space, that grounded space, that process space. Once you get into that space, I want you to think particular time where you would detail focus when you're trying to figure out the minute things you had to do to solve a particular problem, like the process of things and you say, you know, I was putting this IKEA piece together and I just knew what had to be done. If that was the time for you. Think of that event. When you think of that event. Go back there. See in your mind's eye here what you heard back then when you do those two things, you get to experience that. That feeling of being detailed oriented, knowing what processes go together, what pieces fit together.

And once you've got that authentic feeling within you, then you take that creation not from In the creative space, we created this amazing thing. You go to that consultant space where you made it better and more doable. When you look at it this way, from that process point of view, automatically, you're going to go, "Wait a minute, these are the steps we need to take to make the first part of that happen." And the second, the third, and the fourth, "Wait a minute, why are we doing this here and you got to bring that step down," and very quickly, in two, three minutes, you're going to put a plan together, of how to make that creative vision that you made better, doable.

But it doesn't end there. Once you've got that new creation, something that's doable, you step back into the creative space, get that creative energy back by thinking about that event, what were you were really creative, and you take this new vision, and then you make it better. You go into the consultant space, you bring it down to earth, and you make it more real and doable. And then you go back in the process space, and you figure out all the pieces, do that loop three times, and you're gonna get go from like, zero idea, to an amazingly powerful idea that's well thought out, that has all the processes in place. And that makes you a triple threat.

You get to be creative. You get to be thinking at a higher level and be that consultant space. And then you get to be that grounded space where you figure out exactly how to execute. That's known as the Disney process. It was taken from looking at what Walt Disney did to create amazing ideas and build them and make them real. And they decoded his mental processes and said, "This is what he's actually doing. He was a triple threat," and that's what I want for you. I want you to be a triple threat so you become stronger, better faster at whatever endeavor you choose to take.


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