November 23

The Secret to Improve Your Performance at Work


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What would be the impact on your life if you have the ability to harness your beliefs? You'd be able to do anything you wanted, right?

Hi, everyone. My name is Umar Hameed and I'm an expert at changing human behaviour. And today I want to talk about beliefs and I want to share three ideas with you. Number one, what are beliefs and where they come from? Number two, how you can identify your beliefs, because they sit in the unconscious, you're going to need to figure that out. And number three, possibly how you can change your beliefs, the ones that stop you from becoming awesomer. If you could change those, it would change your life, right?

So number one, how do we get our beliefs, it turns out that were meaning making machines. And when you're a little kid, that's where we get most of our beliefs. If something emotional happens, we need to make meaning out of that. So for example, let's say you're seven years old, and you're playing Little League, and you hit this ball, and you win the game to the entire team, and your parents go, "Oh, my God, you're amazing." And in that moment, that kid with that happiness, that joy, that emotion, kind of goes, "I could do anything." And soon as they get that belief inside their head, it goes in their unconscious, and it starts colouring the way they see the world, right?

So they look for opportunities to be amazing and be successful. And guess what they find it. Even if they had failures in the past, all of those get forgotten. And the new belief takes over. But let's say you've got a kid, that misses an important moment, right? And all of a sudden, they go, "Ah, do so close." "Good job anyway, buddy," and the kid with the tone of voice and the body language can kind of goes, "I'm a failure." Guess what?Even if they had successes in the past, they're going to forget about those. And this new belief is going to dictate the way they show up in the world. And they're looking for validation that they were a failure, guess what? They're gonna frickin find it right?

Number two. So how do you uncover those beliefs? If they're in the unconscious, how do you find them? Well, it turns out that it's really simple. What you need to do is ask a question. So let's say you're a salesperson, and you're doing a good job, and you've reached this level of performance, and you want to go higher. And what most coaches will do is kind of say, "You know, you're made of, you're made a stars, you can do anything," but if there's a belief in your unconscious stopping you, you need to figure out what it is before you can actually transform that human being.

And one of the ways to find out is you could go to that salesperson and say, "Please finish this sentence for me, salespeople are...?" The salesperson is going to go, "They're awesome, they're driven, they can do anything, they're amazing." And then if you keep on asking it, pretty soon, if there's a negative belief in there, they're gonna go, "They're untrustworthy, they're douchebags, they're sleazy," and all of a sudden, you get a list of negative beliefs that are sitting inside their head, and one of those beliefs could be the reason that they reached a plateau and they can't go higher. But you can find that your beliefs around money, around love, romance, whatever you want, just ask a simple question. People in love are, and if the answer comes up, "Suckers," you probably know there's an issue going on there, right?

So number three, once you've identified those negative leaves, how can you transform those? If you're working with a coach, that's an essential skill, right? The ability to identify your limiting belief and more importantly, how to transform it. There's some amazing tools from applied neuroscience that allow you to identify those beliefs and transform those very, very quickly. So let me tell you a quick story about a client. I had this client who was a world class micromanager. She had built this executive team around her that she trusted intellectually, but deep down if they did something, she had to be involved. And we uncovered there was a belief from a childhood experience that you can't trust anybody in the world. And that belief was controlling her behaviour. Even though intellectually she knew I can trust these people, where it counts, that wasn't happening. So we identified what that belief was.

And if you want to find out what that belief was, in the comment section, say, "Umar I want to know," and I'll send you a video that's about 10 minutes in length, it'll show you how I got her to identify your belief and what we did to transform it. Also, if you use that technique to uncover beliefs around money, or sales or whatever, let me know what comes up, put it in the comment section. I would love to know how you doing and how you could do better. If you enjoyed this video in this series of these videos designed to make you awesomer. See you on the next installment.


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