November 25

The Secret to Success Is Never to Give Up


[Video Transcription]

Number four, giving up. Joe Biden, our current President said, "Failure at some point in your life is inevitable but giving up is unforgivable." Because that's when you truly fail is when you give up, right? You only truly fail when you give up.

And the question is okay, Can I keep on going? To that question, you're going to get a yes or no, right? But what if he asked a different question, a better question, what could I do to keep on going? All of a sudden opens up a different part of your mindset that says, you know, you could call a friend and ask for advice. You could think about, you know, in this situation, what I'm about to give up? What would Elon Musk do and you'll get an answer, or what will Steve Jobs do? But what will your mom do? Because sometimes moms are superheroes, right? They never frickin' give up.

But giving up somehow we make giving up palatable. We say, "You know, what can I do? It was the climate, economic climate. What could I do? The people didn't want to engage me, and what could I do?" That kind of mentality leads to disappointment, which leads to more stress, which leads to discouragement and you start getting in a cycle that starts going lower and lower and lower.

Have you started noticing a trend in our compensation today? We're talking about asking questions. What's my level of happiness? What's my level of stress? What could I do to change this situation? An answer will pop up. If an answer doesn't pop up, somebody will pop up, it's like, "Oh my God! My friend, Doug Burkhardt would know exactly what to do in this situation, I'm gonna call him up," or just imagine what he would do.


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