November 18

There’s a Better You Inside You


[Video Transcription]

In our society, we think change is hard change is difficult. If it's ever going to happen, it's going to take a really long time. And I'm here to tell you with neuroscience, we have the ability now to create change quickly, consistently, and to make that change, permanent. Oftentimes, what happens in our past, in our childhood, those pivotal moments, some of them make a spectacular and some of them hold us prisoner to a smaller life.

And I want you to know with certainty 100% that there's a better you, inside you inside you inside all of us, just waiting to come out because the Maker, God did not put us here to fail. He put us here to succeed. And it's our experiences, our childhood experiences, what we do, how we think how we behave, mindset, that determine how well we do most of us live, smack dab in our comfort zone. And the only problem is, this is our comfort zone is either expanding or is contracting. There is no status quo.

So if you aren't pushing against it by default, we're living smaller lights complacent lives, there's people in your life that are relying on you to be that role model, right? Because if you could expand who you are and become the person you were always meant to be. It gives them permission to see for themselves. Our kids, our family, our uncles, or aunts or teachers or colleagues, the community the world is waiting for you to step up. I was watching this commercial from Apple and I think he kind of summed it up really well. Take a look it's all about there's a better you inside.


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