November 18

Three Things That Sabotage Your Happiness


[Video Transcription]

Good morning world. So if all of us want to be happier in life, how come so few of us are actually truly happy? Well, it turns out that we are meaning-making machines, we make meanings about all the things that have happened to us. And from those meetings, we create beliefs. And we have a set of beliefs around who we are, and what we're capable of.

So there's three things to kind of keep an eye on when people aren't as happy as they could be, or should be. Sometimes they feel helpless, is like other people can be happier, but I can't be on help. Or they're hopeless. There's no hope for me so why even bother, I'm just gonna continue on the life that I have. And the last one is worthless. I'm not worthy of love, heartbreaking, right?

So what we need to do is to figure out, you know, what gets in the way of us being happier? Because this happiness all around us, and the question is, why is it that so few of us are happy, when all it would take is to just look around and go, like, over there, I'm looking at some flowers, look beautiful. That makes me happy. But I could walk by here every day and not even notice it. So what I want you to do today is this, I want you to figure out one thing that makes you happy today.

And in the comments below, write down, "This is what I saw. This one made me happy." And the whole idea here is by you sharing what makes you happy. You give other people ideas. Man, I get to that too. So what makes me happy is making these videos because they get to feel my mission of making the world a happier place. I'm gonna write that down in the comments, "What makes you happy?"


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