November 24

Ultimate Happiness


[Video Transcription]

And some of you know I'm on a mission to figure out, you know, how I make a difference in the world? What does the new version of Umar look like and I've been really struggling with that for the last six weeks.

Alright! Why am I here? I think I finally figured it out. You deserve to be frickin' happy. If you're not happy, something's wrong, right? If you're not happy at work, your work shows it. Miserable people don't make better workers, miserable leaders don't make better leaders. So you may not be in misery but if you're not happy, and you got a misery on one side, and you got happiness on the other side, it's better you're on this side, and that side and the closer you are to ultimate happiness, the better you are right? The better leader you are, the better worker you are, the better lover you are. Better father you are, better mother you are a better child you are. So why in this world are we not as happy as we need to be? Because I want you to know that the Maker put you here to be frickin' happy! So that's my mission.

Friends, family and loved ones, strangers watching this. If I could help you uncover who you truly deeply are, that they will allow you to set aside all the bullshit and look at what you're really here to do, the horizon would be freakin' amazing, right? Instead of trying to figure out where am I going, you would know exactly this is the direction that I'm heading in.

This is something that speaks to you, in the comments below, write down, "Umar, I think you're full of BS" or "Umar, I think you're on the right path," or "Umar, this is what I think." All comments are welcome. And I think I'm getting close to why I'm here on the planet Earth, like before, my purpose really was to be a joyful educator, but I think now is to bring joy into your heart, thoughts?


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