November 18

Visualize The Future You Want


[Video Transcription]

Good morning world. I'm here in Greenfield, Massachusetts at the Poet's Tower, came for a hike. It's a gorgeous day out there, it's foggy. There's supposed to be an amazing view that way you can't see. And here's what I want to talk to you about, is you can build the life that you want and sometimes is hard to see what you want, right? Because there's confusion, no clarity, but what if, what if you could get absolute clarity on who you are, absolute clarity on what you want to build. And with those two things, have the all the resources you need all the willpower all the drive all the passion to go ahead and build something spectacular?

Well, not this Wednesday, in a couple of days, but a week from now I'm going to be doing a training, it's going to be about imagining the life you truly deeply want to build. I'm going to put a link to that training down below. And it's going to be the exact thing you need to plan your 2022 domination. It's going to build your life, why not build it this year coming up? Why wait a decade or two decades or till you're an old forthgoing, "I could have been a contender." Stop [garbled] and start doing. I will see you on Wednesday. Have a blessed day and if you like this video, please share it with people and have a blessed day. Take care. Bye!


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