November 25

What Happened to YOU?


[Video Transcription]

What happened to you?

I mean, you were a cute little baby, when you were a cute little baby, your physical strength was like zero, you couldn't even hold up your head in your head was like [sound], but you have the ability to control these two giants, one of them called mom and one of them called dad, and they would take a bullet for you, they've risked their lives to save your life.

In fact, if you did a poopy something that would have disgusted them in a week before, all of a sudden, they like, "Look at the poopy," they would smell it and go, "Oh, so cute." If you wanted the bottle, damn, they got you a bottle, if it was not to your liking, you cried, the change the temperature so it was the perfect temperature for you.

You had this amazing power to control adults, you had the power to learn at an accelerated rate, you have the power to get whatever you wanted. If you wanted something, they didn't give it to you, you basically went, "Ahhh," and they were like, "Okay, you can have this." "I want a knife," your baby, they give you a knife, well, perhaps they didn't give you a knife.

But the point here is this, you have the ability to learn, you have the ability to influence people, you have the ability to get whatever you wanted. So you went from this like superhuman ability, a baby power baby, to who you are right now.

And who you are right now, and sometimes is not as powerful as you want it to be because you have hopes, dreams, desires of what you want to accomplish. You've had them for a while, you've got this vision of you know why you should be over here but the reality is you're like just over here. So it's like, "From here, here, there's a delta," and the reason you're not achieving that is turns out the reason is, it's you. But it's like, "Umar, but that doesn't make any sense, I really, truly want to be here, I want to be earning the money I want to be earning so I can do things for myself, for my family, for the community, for my church. I want to be going on vacations, I want to be running a business, writing a book, all those amazing things that are super compelling. I really, really, really want them," but you're not getting them.

So the question is, "Why not?" You know what you want, you're probably smart enough to figure out how to get it or smart enough to figure out, "Oh, this guy, Tony Robbins. So this guy over here or this gal will be here, he's got the formula to get there," but you're not doing it. When you hire, are hiring people, but you're not getting the results you want because not because they're not awesome, is because something within you is getting in the way of where you want to be, is keeping you stuck where you are right now, right?

So the question is, "Umar what is that? Tell me now, please," what that is, is your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is a culmination of all your life's experiences. And you set what you were worth financially, "Is my financial thermostat, I set it over here, not consciously," if you said, "It's consciously, freakier would not be here, it'd be like above the frickin; camera, right?" but it's right over here. And if you kind of lose your job, you go down here, very quickly, you can go back to where you what you used to earn.

So it's not like the economy, is not the environment, it's what's happening in inner space where your thermostat is set. When you think about the people that you love, and how deeply you will love them, and how easily you can express it and how loving you are and how loved you feel that as a thermostat too, right? And that is set by your experiences as well. Your self-worth, there's a thermostat somewhere inside your noggin that set that as well. Your belief about how friendly you are, how connected you are, all of that is set at an unconscious level.

So to get the results you want out here, you need to realize that your comfort zone is more important than your dreams. And what you need to do is to figure out ways to expand your comfort zone.

And one of the ways to do that is to figure out the limiting beliefs that hold you hostage. Like if I put you in a prison, you'd be behind bars saying, "Let me out! Please let me out," but we live in invisible prisons of our own creation. You know the circumstances, my fault, it's the fault of my boss or my wife or my parents, they didn't love me enough, "Why they loved me too much?"

Whatever the BS you tell yourself, our journey to build a life that we truly deeply want, is a journey within. I want you to love the life that you build. Right now, you're probably like, "Yeah, I'm doing okay, Umar, I had these dreams that keep me going. It's like buying a lottery ticket," it's like, winning isn't the point, it's the fantasy of potentially winning it for a week before the lottery comes out. And you instead of all six numbers, you had one number, which is like really sucks, right? I've been there. But that's okay! It was worth $1, or the $5 or $50, $100 that you spent on all those tickets because it gave you one week of hope, that this potential might be possible.

So you're probably wondering why keep on looking over there? There's this two reasons, one, there's a gorgeous beach over there, but more importantly, I'm not even seeing that, I'm looking at inner space. And we have an outer world where your reality is, you have an inner world where the real reality is.

If you're interested in figuring out why it is a delta between the life you're living right now and the life you truly want, click on the link below and set up a conversation with me. And in this conversation, we're going to chat about what's going on for you. I'm gonna give you some advice on how to uncover what's stopping you from achieving your dreams, what's blocking you to stay in your comfort zone. And one thing I promise you is there's going to be no like, "Hey, you should get my coaching" So zero-selling, just sharing ideas, understanding where you are right now, sharing ideas with you that you can use to breakthrough and get to a much higher level.

And if any of that speaks to you say, "Hey, Umar, that speaks to me, I want to talk to you further," we'll set up another call, and at that call, we'll chat about maybe working together. So the first call is my gift to you to give you clarity, to give you advice, to help you breakthrough your barriers, so you become awesomer.

I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did, please share it with others and set up a call with me. Let's figure out where you are right now and we want to be and what's blocking you and learn some techniques to breakthrough your barriers so you start building the life that you want. My biggest dream for you is that you love the life that you build and you become an example of what's possible for others. Have a blessed day. Talk later. Bye now.


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