November 25

What Is Your Level of Happiness?


[Video Transcription]

So happiness. Mahatma Gandhi, "Happiness is when, what you think what you say and what you do are in harmony."

Because all too often, they're not right. So one of the things to do is every morning when you wake up is to ask yourself, "What's my level of happiness today?" You'll get an answer, use the scale from zero, totally unhappy, maybe can have a negative number that would be bad. What goes up to 10? If it's 10, everything is frickin' fantastic. If it's not eight or above, then something, something is not going right. Right?

So my question to you is this, put in the comments below what is your level of happiness right now at this moment? For me right now, it's a nine, because I love doing this stuff. I love teaching. This is my purpose in life, I get to fulfill my mission every single day. And this is like one of the highest manifestations of it.

So number one is keeping an eye on your happiness. If you monitor your happiness, every single day, you'll be able to see where it's trending, is it flatlining like a scene in a movie [device sound] that might mean you're dead isn't going up, which would be awesome isn't going down. Also, you could take a look at, my personal life, my happiness is a eight, but in my professional life, it's only a four.

It's a sign for you to fix what needs fixing, right? So happiness is the number one thing you should monitor every single frickin' day. 


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