November 24

What Stops Me?


[Video Transcription]

All right, welcome to the last mind map. So I wrote down in the center of this, what I want you to do is, What Stops Me.

So on my map, this is what I did, Did they do small wins? And when I do a small win, I stop, it's like, "Okay, I got this accomplishment, and I stopped and I don't put my foot on the gas and go for it."Giving up too soon, or thinking that I'm damaged or not loved. What stops me is I never fully commit to something. What stops me is I distract myself with new toys and new ideas. What stops me I don't deserve. What stops me though, is that I'm treading water. I'm not drowning, but I'm not swimming either. What stops me is not, is the need to be liked. What stops me is my ego. Ah, so you're thinking, "Umar, thanks so much. You've depressed me. Now I know, all those horrible things," right? What stops me what my biggest fears are.

What I did on this month was this as take each one of these and start examining it and start breaking through those barriers. And what that did for me was this, is that it started just taking all that crud off me. So we could take a look at the soul within that bright light that's been dying to come out and play with you, dying to come out and just be, dying to come out and to share new ideas, dying to come out and share this, right?

Because a lot of times, you know, it'd be like you must do a mind map and you could write down where you're stuck. But I will want to tell you where I'm stuck. And I'm telling you, where I'm stuck, where my fears are, where my doubts are, where my insecurities are. And I've been breaking through each one of those during this month. So it's been two months since I started this journey. May 26th is when we started it. And today it is July 29. So it's two months in a few days.

And going through this exercise, doing these mind maps, it gives you a sense of who you are and where you're stuck and what, what you need to overcome to build the life that you want. We're going to do another video series coming up soon we'll be we'll take a look at okay, we looked at where you're stuck. And now I'm going to take a look at what you could be and what you could be, it's going to be amazing and powerful. And you're going to go, "Okay, I need to overcome this stuff. This is worth fighting for," and then we'll send you on a path to make that happen.

Because my biggest wish for you is this, is that I inspire leaders to build happier, more successful lives in 90 days. And in that journey, you let go of all the stuff that's been holding you back and you let go of your conscious thoughts and you let your heart create a life that you truly deeply want. And then we show you how to get there, remove all the limitations, remove all the limiting beliefs and get you fired up to build this amazing, loving, successful life.

Thanks for being on this journey with me. If you liked it, please share these videos with other folks. If you like this, reach out, let's have a conversation. Let's figure out where you are right now. And where you want to be my friend because I want you to be happier. I want you to be more successful. I want you to be that beacon of light that inspires people around you. So they go, "Huh?" If Dorothy can do it, if John can do it, if Jill can do it, maybe I can do it too. I know you can do it. Thanks for tuning in on these videos and we'll see you on the next one, the next series. Bye.


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