November 23

When It Is Best to Give Up?


[Video Transcription]

Hey, everyone. Good morning everyone. Just got off the squash court, got home in the studio, I want to share an idea with you, I've done a ton of videos will be talking about never giving up. I will never, never never give up. But the question is when should you give up.

So a good example in squash I've been playing like every day since the beginning of the year practically. And my shoulder is starting to twinge just a little bit. So the question is, Should I stop playing for a few days and let it heal up? And then continue playing? Sounds like common sense, right? But there's another part of me wants to keep on playing, right?

So this seems to be a clear decision, especially if you ask my mom. But the question is, where in your life did you keep on going when you should have seen signs and should have stopped doing what you were doing? So the way to look at that is to go back in time to one of those places and go, "Hmm, what were the signs that I should have given up and what didn't I pay attention to?"

Not that I want to train you to give up all the time, but I want you to be aware of how I kind of feel this sensation inside, when it's time to really look at things deeply and figure out whether I should go or whether I should stay. And that's my homework assignment to you in the comments. Let me know. "Hey, Umar, remember when I was 14, I kept on going on I should have stopped and this is what I learned from that event." Have a blessed day. Talk soon. Bye.


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